Conference on Panchayati Raj in Mysore

Union Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Dr.C.P.Joshi today informed the Rajya Sabha that the Second Round Table of Ministers In-charge of Panchayati Raj and their representatives was held at Mysore on 28th–29th August, 2004. The recommendations made therein related to (i) Planning, (ii) Implementation and (iii) Parallel bodies.

Replying to a written question the Minister said In the context of the above mentioned recommendations, it is stated that the implementation of the recommendations is a continuous and evolving process. This Ministry has been persistently pursuing with the concerned State Governments, the matter relating to the establishment of District Planning Committees in all the Districts where Part IX of the Constitution applies and thereafter to make them fully operational. DPCs have been operational to various degrees in twenty two States out of 24. Uttarakhand is in the process of formation of DPC. DPC had not been constituted in Jharkhand because elections had not been held; now with election to Panchayati Raj Institutions, DPCs are expected to be constituted in Jharkhand also.

Since, as institutions of local government, Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), are required to not only plan but also to implement such programmes of economic development and social justice as may be entrusted to them, including those in relation to the matters listed in the Eleventh Schedule, the Gram Sabha is being empowered by incorporating specific roles to it under the guidelines to further the process of deepening of democracy. Also, the period 2nd October, 2009 to 2nd October, 2010 was declared as the Year of Gram Sabha and this has heightened the awareness of the role of Gram Sabha. Further, since the functions, functionaries and finances are required to be devolved to only to Panchayats and not to any parallel body, this Ministry has requested concerned Ministries to take necessary action for according centrality to PRIs in Planning and Implementation of their Schemes and also phasing out the existing parallel bodies.


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