Women Chairpersons in Panchayats


The minister of Panchayati Raj Dr. C.P. Joshi today informed Rajya Sabha that as per the provisions of article 243D of the Constitution, not less then one-third of the total number of offices of Chairpersons in Panchayats in each level are reserved for women. This Constitutional provision is mandatory for all states covered in Part IX. As per the information provided by the State Government, The number of Women Sarpanches in the State of Himachal Pradesh is 1147.

Also, as per information available, State Panchayati Raj Acts of all States to whom Part IX of the Constitution applies (except Jharkhand where elections have not been held) provide for reservation of at least one-third of the offices of the Chairpersons in Panchayats at each level for women.


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